We love the jobs that other printers hate!

With the in-house print processes, specialist knowledge and CNC manufacturing available to us at Brushwood Design Ltd, we are ideally placed to deal with any special or bespoke print requirement you may have.  We often deal with jobs that other printers have turned down due to their complicated nature requiring a diverse range of skills and technical knowledge.

Whatever you have in mind give us a call to discuss what we can do for you – we have been at the beginning of many a new business venture with our customers, grown with them, and ultimately enjoyed the fruits of our joint labours.

Prices and further information: Contact us by email, telephone or fax for immediate assistance by a member of our sales team with as many details on your new project as you can give us. We start work at 7.00am and often finish at 8.00pm so call us when it is convenient for you or email for an equally quick response.
We look forward to hearing from you!

EMAIL: sales@brushwood.co.uk
TEL: 01769 574501
FAX: 01769 574661