CNC Routing

Computer Numeric Controlled’ or CNC routing has made a massive impact on the range of materials we can cut to shape and has helped changed the direction of our business greatly enhancing the range of products we can offer our customers.  Our multi-headed machine can cut, drill, rout, grove, chamfer, and 3D shape a host of materials including wood, metal and PVC with digital precision.  Theses materials can either be pre or post printed depending on the nature of the product.

This machine has literally changed the shape of the sign industry with the ability to cut and shape complicsated designs offering fantastic accuracy and smoothness of finish every time.

The heavy duty nature of our CNC means it is equally suited to larger production runs of cut-to-shape materials and on average we turn out 3-5000 units a week for various different customers including furniture makers, toy companies, exhibition companies, loud speaker manufacturers.

Come to us with a computer file of your design or just a pencil drawing and we can do the rest to get you a price and a sample as required.

Prices and further information: Contact us by email, telephone or fax for immediate assistance by a member of our sales team regarding prices and additional information on any of the above products and services. Our working practice is to get the quote to you within 4 hours but allow a little longer for more complex bespoke enquiries. We start work at 7.00am and often finish at 8.00pm so call us when it is convenient for you or email for an equally quick response.
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